Finally, my new book BERGEN Architecture and Stories is in print.
Hopefully, it will be ready for sale right after Easter. It can be bought in the bookstores or directly from the publisher, Kolofon Forlag
See the trailer HERE.
This is about something more than just Bergen and the architecture there. It's about looking at our surroundings, wherever we may be. That we practice the ability to wonder about the things we interact with daily. Instead of rushing to work, school or other activities, we can from time to time, slow down and make our thoughts about why things are the as they are.
By reading this book, hopefully, you will be inspired to go out and make your own photos. On purpose, it says not to take but to create. The pictures in this book are not only captured by the camera but they are also made to give an emotion or feeling when you look at them. They do not represent reality as the naked eye perceives it, but a form of a vision of reality that gives room for reflection and perhaps evokes memories of something completely different.
Initially, this was a photo book, but eventually, a need to know more about the background of the buildings and things forced itself to the fore. Why did they look like that? When were they built and what happened at that time? The images and text are separated so that one does not interfere with the other.
The book is meant to be read and put away for a while and then come back to. Maybe to be discussed with others, agree or disagree with one thing or another. Here is room for everything.

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