It is all about communication. Here, my grandson and I have one of our deep conversations.
Photography is an integral part of my life. I got my first camera at twelve and have taken pictures ever since. 
After I retired from the oil and gas industry, I devoted most of my time to photography. The most important value I brought from my earlier working life, is that quality down to the smallest detail is of utmost importance for a good result. 
It was therefore essential for me to learn the trade from the bottom, both in practical and theoretical terms. It also means having the right tools and understanding how to use them in every situation. 
Certified training:
In August 2018 I received my diploma for completing my online Product Photography Course with Photigy Photography School in the USA.
In September 2019, I started 12 months of mentorship with Julia Anna Gospodarou in Black and White Fine Art Architecture Photography.
- Arnfinn Johnsen, Masterclass Iceland 2018: Landscape and Portrait Photography
- Morten Krogvold: Part one. General photography.
- Bjørn Joachimsen: Landscape Photography
- Scot Kelby: Numerous online courses in photography,  Lightroom and Photoshop. 
Extensive Internet courses:
- Dave Osborn, creative photography
- Joel Tjintjelaar, fine art black and white architecture photography
- Harold Ross, advanced light painting still life
- Mike Kelley, advanced commercial architectural photography
I am using a Fujifilm GFX 100S medium format camera with a variety of lenses. I normally use a 24 mm tilt/shift lens or a panoramic head and prime lens for architectural work to get the perspectives correct. I also have portable lighting equipment for most jobs.

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